marlboro gold Marlboro cigarette

Marlboro cigarettes solve presure and sadness When affection for men is helpless, when love to man’s pressure, when the friendship betrayal who accompanies a man always is a Marlboro cigarette in his hand, when a man is helpless sigh who accompanies a man is a Marlboro cigarette between his fingers, when men cry silently accompany or Marlboro cigarette in his hand, when the man picked up a Marlboro cigarette, please you don’t shout to him to give him a quiet spot and hug your man behind gently tell him smoke less will that be enough men moved, smoking is harmful to health as long as it is this individual knows but we only in this way to vent emotions in my heart, that man psychological harm than Marlboro cigarette were much greater harm. Actually, there have been such a time, with his deep love of that person, silent, in the mind have many words can’t say, dare not say, know this lifetime won’t go together, know the feeling is very tired, very deep, and bitter, very helpless, know how to take up the put down, also know, you should not put down, heartache bear hard, fingers will be shaking, eyes will be wet.At this time, it is need a Marlboro cigarette, with frequent play ash to conceal hand tremors, so, in the smoke smiled and said, ah, the person of this smoky eyes ache, seems to forget the smell of Marlboro cigarette, smoking Marlboro cigarette is a long time ago, people who smoke Marlboro cigarette but not long ago.Once thought that smoking Marlboro cigarette is a free and easy, wait until completely reject it, to see the Marlboro cigarette is always don’t want to escape the feeling of not flee, picked up again, may be carefully, perhaps by hand, maybe just a kind of dependence, the hand of the fire Marlboro cigarette, push not to open your heart door, ever fall on your shoulders, that smoke rising marlboro gold Marlboro cigarette, always a person to accompany, cross, in the eyes very input. That kind of tacit understanding, is had to master many years ago, continued. Don’t really want to Marlboro Gold Cigarettes forget, if you look carefully, you can feel. Efforts to do, maybe is not the result of the efforts, I think, is like this.

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